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Aditya College and School of Nursing

Recognized By Indian Nursing Council & Karnataka State Nursing Council
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore.


SNA ( Student Nurses Association )

student nursing association

The Student Nurses Association, popularly known as SNA, the only National level associate organization of the TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India) for student nurses established in the year 1929 at the time of annual conference of the TNAI in Madras. SNA is an association aiming at the overall development of each student nurse with the ultimate motive of the development of the Nursing Profession and accredit them to join TNAI as qualified nurses.


1. To help students to uphold the dignity and ideals of profession for which they are qualifying.

2. To promote a corporate spirit among students for common goal.

3. To furnish nurse in training with advice in their courses of study leading upto professional qualifications.

4. To encourage leadership abilities and help students to gain a wide knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspects.

5. To increase the students social contacts and general knowledge in order to help them take their place in the world when they have finished their training.

6. To encourage both professional and recreational meetings, games and sports.

7. To provide a special section in the nursing journal of India for the benefits of students.

8. To encourage students to compete for prizes in the student nurses exhibition and to attend national and regional conferences


A wide variety of activities are encouraged at unit, zonal, state and national levels for the SNA members which include:

icon  Organization of meeting and conferences.

icon  Maintenance of SNA diary and Exhibitions.

icon  Public speaking and writing, Project undertaking.

icon  Propagation of nursing profession and Fund raising.

icon  Socio cultural and recreational activities.



President Mrs.Shobha. R
SNA Advisor Mrs. Hebzibha keeran.I
Vice-President Ms.Dinushah
Secretary Ms.Ancy Thomas
Magazine Editor Ms.Sushma Siwakoti
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