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Aditya College and School of Nursing

Recognized By Indian Nursing Council & Karnataka State Nursing Council
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore.



December 24, 2015

Country Of Origin:India, Kerala
Now Working:Escort Hospital ,Delhi

“I met so many precious people at ADITYA : my classmates, the graduates, teachers and staff. They gave me support, advice and love. They helped me in so many ways. If I can, I also want to be the same person for other students. For other students, I would like to say “always be positive!”. It’s not easy to be an nurse in but if you stay positive you will get through it too. Thank you for spending the time to read my story—I wish good luck to everyone!”.

Country Of Origin:India, Rajasthan
Now Working:As Lecturer, Jaipur

“When I first arrived, it was very hard for me to get used to the different culture, language, food, everything. But all the staff at ADITYA helped me to acclimate here and their support was really wonderful. They have a down to earth attitude and are easily approachable. I gained so much from ADITYA , among them the most precious thing I got was I passed my B.Sc Nursing exam. The exam was extremely tough, but with the training and practice I got from ADITYA , made the exam a simple one.”

Country Of Origin:India, Karnataka
Now Working:Cradle Hospital, Nursing Superintendent, Canada

I really like ADITYA College. There are so many great things about ADITYA , but I think one of the best parts was our instructor. I could not have become an RN in Canada if I hadn’t met her. She is one of the best teachers of my life. I also liked the staff at ADITYA College. Principal and her staff were very caring and helped the students as much as they could. Mam always said “ADITYA is a family”.

I gained many valuable experiences at ADITYA College, but the most important one was the knowledge and confidence

I needed in order to successfully pass the Exam.
For those students who are interested in ADITYA College – if you really want to be an good Nurse you are thinking about the right school. This is your way! If you put your trust in the instructors and staff at ADITYA and if you study hard, you will be able to become an RN like me for sure. Good luck!

Country Of Origin:India, Kerala
Now Working:As Lecturer, Kerala

“I was so worried about the exam as it was the new format, but it ended up being not as difficult as I expected because of the training and preparation I received from my instructor at ADITYA. It was not easy but I got through it and now I can work as a Nurse. I am so excited about it! I’m so grateful to have met my instructor and the people at ADITYA. They always do their best to help me and I am so grateful. I’m also thankful for the friends I made here who gave me emotional and mental support. Because of all of them I didn’t give up and here I am!”

Country Of Origin:India, Tamilnadu
Now Working:As Lecturer, Malaysia

“My name is Vijayakala. I came from Tamilnadu . I didn’t know much medical terminology before I studied at ADITYA College. The class was a great help to me. I now understand the medical terminology in different areas and I’m able to use proper pronunciation. Our teachers always corrected my poor pronunciation and she was patient and always encouraged us to express our ideas freely during class. We are a family at ADITYA College. All the students have a great relationship with each other, no matter which country they came from. There are special events and parties where we celebrate many festivals together. It is a great opportunity for anyone to study at ADITYA College and I believe we can achieve our goals in the future. I am very happy to be here.”

Country Of Origin:India, Kerala
Now Working:Australia

“When I first started at ADITYA College, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I chose nursing because it’s a good career, and I won’t have to struggle my whole life to find a job and pay the bills. It was an actual career, not a job. Plus, I knew it would be pretty easy to find work. There’s a major shortage of nurses, and the need for all medical professionals (medical assisting, phlebotomy, and more) is expected to keep increasing. I got the job. Every day is different, and I’m constantly learning. One minute I’ll be giving a report to a doctor and then I’ll be in another room giving CPR and then I’m working with the families of my patients.I’ll never forget when one family told me, “Thank you so much for treating our mom like your mom.”I encourage you to check out the health care field. Hope you love it as much as I do.”

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